About Us

TMM is a specialist in the engineering and production of exhaust system in each of its core businesses: high performance car, motorcycles, scooters, off road vehicles and recreational products.

The passion in a innovation, engineering and production support our Customers every day. Our 200 employees, our engineers transform this passion in continuous improvement and commitment, changing future of our business.


The history of TMM is full of success and key milestones. TMM comes from two different companies that have been competitors for years: TMM, then became LML and Ansa Marmitte. The two companies merged together created a new market leader in the design, production and distribution of exhaust systems.

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Present and Future

TMM is part of the CSL Group which is among the largest suppliers of automotive components. With the acquisition of new projects TMM increased sales in recent years and now supplies the best automotive customers throughout Europe, North America and Asia.