R&D - ViperTek Technical Center

Vipertek borns as new TMM Technical Center focused on design exhaust systems for motorcycles, high performance cars and industrial vehicles.

Our Technical Center is fully equipped to develop full exhaust systems:

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  • CAD
    - PRO-E WildFire 4, 5, Creo Parametric
    - Catia V5
  • CAE
    - Acoustic and Emission: GT-Power
    - CFD: Star-CD, Star-CCM+
    - FEA: MSC-Nastran
    - Chassis Dyno: power and performances measurements
    - Road simulator
    - Acoustic: B&K Pulse system
    - Sound Quality: B&K torso, measurement of psychoacoustic parameters and real-time filtration
    - Hot Vibration Test Bench
  • Prototyping
    - Full sample shopfloor with high skilled people to realize soft toolings, prototypes and initial samples

Concept To Delivery

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ViperTek engineers have a long experiences in exhaust system development. Our mission is Concept to Delivery: design begins from idea and finish with product delivery. To realize our mission we use best technologies, best equipment and our passion.

Time to market is a key factor during development: in ViperTek we use cuncurrent engineering method, realizing if necessary soft tooling and rapid prototyping representing final aspect and product performances.

We lead all the product development tasks: from concept to customer, from idea to product delivery. Our engineering group can follow customer from the first concept, helping to find best solution with the best technology.